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The Pint: A Pop Culture Podcast

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John and Lloyd

Jan 28, 2021

2020 is over, and it was not a great year for movies. That said, we still want to tell you all about our Top 5 Movies from 2020. What did we love? Did we have any films that let us down? It's your 173rd Pint, you know how to find out! Listen In!!!

Jan 20, 2021

John welcomes three of our good buddies to discuss their fandom of Professional Wrestling! Stew from SWO Productions, Sal from Robber Barons Ink and our very own Lou highlight what they love about those greasy giants fighting it out in the squared circle! Listen In!!

Jan 16, 2021

The last episode in the first season of Scary Larry's Pint O' Horrors is upon you! Poltergeist is the film, Seanny Mac is the special guest and porterhouse steaks are on the menu! How many trees have tried to eat you? Clowns? Closets? It's all here kids! 

Jan 7, 2021

Artist and friend Melissa chooses 2002's Red Dragon to discuss on this PMI episode. Melissa is sort of obsessed with the Hannibal Universe and we compare the different films, books and TV adaptations quite a bit. We also discuss a word that may be grosser than moist, and Ralph Fiennes ass. Listen In!

Jan 1, 2021

Happy New Year 2021. Join us and Andrew from The Nomcast as we travel back 30 years to discuss our Top 5 Films Of 1991! Is Number 1 an obvious choice across the board? Maybe, but the journey is most of the fun. Thanks for hanging in with us through the last several years, let's start this one with a bang!