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Pint O' Comics

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John and Lloyd

Jan 16, 2022

Triple T meets Triple W

Can Will Smith's maligned western garner better favor all these years later from The Pint? Does it deserve a second chance? 

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Jan 8, 2022

Maggie and Ashleigh of the incredible Rock Candy Podcast join us to discuss our favorite fake bands in pop culture. The Manster makes his triumphant return after some real world strife and John DID have the covid that he was waiting on results for in this ep.

First ep of 2022, first ep of year 5 and your 223rd...

Jan 1, 2022

End of an era, The Pint Movie Invitational Series closes the doors for the new year. Stew is the last to pick, and he goes obscure. Have you heard of Deep Murder, the oddball soft porn parody/horror comedy? Of course you haven't, so that's where we come in!

Thank you for listening through 2021 and we sincerely wish...

Dec 23, 2021

The Penultimate Pint Movie Invitational!

Seanny Mac goes all Hitchcock on us, choosing 1948's Rope, replete with a ton of thinly veiled homosexuality and gentle murder.

We also try vegemite at the beginning of this episode, thanks for nothing Australia!

See you next week for the PMI Finale with Stew

Dec 18, 2021

Jon from Shocking Things Podcast returns to discuss his choice of film for one of the final entries in the Pint Movie Invitational. G.I. Gary takes a break from discussing toys for long enough to help guide the conversation on the 1990 comedy Problem Child. Is this a shitty kids comedy, or does it offer more?

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