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The Pint: A Pop Culture Podcast

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John and Lloyd

Jul 29, 2020

We play another round of the filthy party game Pick Your Poison, as we did earlier this year. Ganache is the Gamesmaster and puts The Manster, Scary Larry and Ghost Stew thru the ringer with some truly awful choices. You thought Sophie's Choice was a hard one? You ain't seen nothing yet! Listen In!

Jul 24, 2020

The Pint has used the music of Satanic Panic '81 for a few years as intro and promo backgrounds, so now it's time to get you, the listener a chance to hear more about them. Them being all around rad guy Brian Burdzy, who stops by the show to discuss his second record, entitled MARA, and coming at you soon. This episode...

Jul 15, 2020

12 Dozen Podcast Episodes. A Gross is hit with this PMI! That's right, Mike Simonetta, our friend and creative programmer for Connecticut Cult Classics picks the mid 90's dark indie, Swimming With Sharks. Kevin Spacey brings the mean on screen this time! Frank Whaley and Michelle Forbes try to navigate his abuse....

Jul 8, 2020

Scary Larry joins us to discuss a subject near and dear to him...Horror! This time, we all give our Top 5 Lists of Horror Film Remakes. Larry gives a few more quick lists and we read off some of our friend's Top 5 as well. It's time for your 143rd Pint!!

Jul 3, 2020

July 3rd 1985- Back To The Future is released and changes the face of pop culture.

35 years to the day, we release our tribute episode to the trilogy loved by millions worldwide.

Pop culture remains the same.