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The Pint: A Pop Culture Podcast

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John and Lloyd

Apr 26, 2023

Happy Alien Day!

Join us as we discuss the first foray into comics in the Alien franchise, long before Dark Horse or even Marvel began publishing those snappy tongued monsters stories.

1979's Alien: The Illustrated Story is discussed for this most awesome of holidays, 4 26.


Apr 21, 2023

We travel to Armpit, West Virginia to see what has all the locals in a tizzy.

If The Pint can't figure this out, someone even remotely qualified probably will.

We are closing in on 300 fast!

Apr 15, 2023

Lloyd graduated high school in 1984.

John was 8.

Both were listening to the hits on the radio and watching on MTV.

Let's talk 1984 in music!

Apr 7, 2023

Diana, the snack aficianado known as Don't Feed The Wolf on Instagram wanted to talk about 1992's Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

We aim to please, so that is exactly what we did.

It's Your 286th Pint, Listen In And Enjoy Responsibly!

Apr 1, 2023

An episode 65 million years in the making.

Erik, one of our awesome Pint Insiders finally joins us.

We talk about dinosaurs.

It's Your 285th Pint.