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The Pint: A Pop Culture Podcast

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John and Lloyd

Jul 29, 2021

Lost Episode! Recorded in the heat of Covid ravaged 2020, sometime in the summer. Listen In as we play some Pick Your Poison and generally gross each other out. 

Next week The Pint goes 200.

Jul 24, 2021

Stew covers for The Manster this week, just in time to help John review the long delayed Black Widow film. Where does this one fall in the MCU rankings? Was getting back to the movie theater a good experience?

Answers inside!

Listen In, 2 weeks til 200!!!

Jul 16, 2021

The Redheaded Internet Stranger, Laura has found us. She is in the house and has demanded to join Larry and us as we discuss 2014's Tusk. 

If you don't hear from us again, it's been a real hoot.


Jul 9, 2021

Another week, another TTT! Butler from Forgotten Entertainment and Keith from GeekTime Network join us to figure out if Star Trek V deserves it's Trash reputation. These guys love Trek, so this one gets deep into how their fandom effects their feelings towards the actual film. Listen In!

Jul 2, 2021

We ROLL closer to our 200th with this thoughtful meditation on 2002's Rollerball, a remake of a 1975 film. Mike Field of Forgotten Cinema joins us to determine which of the three T's this film deserves to be labeled. A good time had by all, it is your 195th Pint!

Editors Note- I have no idea why, but there are a metric...