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Pint O' Comics

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Sir Jon and John

Dec 11, 2018

The Pint Movie Invitational Series: Part 3


Invitee: Jerry Morgan


Movie: Adaptation


Frequent guest Jerry Morgan of the great podcast Fistful Of Jokes chooses a strange pick out of Nic Cage's fimography, 2002's very meta Adaptation. We talk for over an hour and never mention that the film is about a writer writing...

Dec 5, 2018

Sir Jon! John! A good old fashioned two man Pint! Daredevil Season 3 review! Deadwood movie news! Mandy review! Exclamation points! Listen In! Your 67th Pint!

Nov 28, 2018

The 20th time we pick an episode of The Pint Radio Hour to share as a podcast too! Ezra Croft, Co-Author of an amazing book about Bill Murray himself joins us to talk all about the enigmatic actor's career. From weird golf shows on Comedy Central to punching Chevy Chase in the face, we cover as much Bill that could fit...

Nov 21, 2018

Lou Skywalker takes a break from writing for our website and joins The Jo(h)ns for a fun show that veers off into talk of the FFA. Yup, Future Farmers of America chat join us talking a bit about Daredevil's latest season, Titans and Chris Gaines, or was that Evans? Stay tuned til the end as we review three great...

Nov 15, 2018

The Pint Movie Invitational Series: Part 2

Invitee: Andrew Morgan

Movie: Memento


Comedian and official voice of the Invitational Series, Andrew Morgan stops by to chat all about Chris Nolan's crime thriller Memento. We discuss the unique storytelling method, characters and actors amongst a ton more. Which of us gave...