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Sir Jon and John

Oct 16, 2018

From the recent archives of our WESU radio show, Joey DiCarlo from So Wizard Podcast drops by and talks nerd with The Jo(h)ns. From Baywatch Nights best episode to football fandom and all the way to a classic film that everyone on Earth has seen except for Joey, it's an action packed hour. What does Joey think...

Oct 10, 2018

The Pint Movie Invitational Series: Part 1

Invitee: Lloyd Green

Movie: The Thing


Dem Boyz attack the 1982 Horror classic, The Thing, chosen by The Manster himself, to kick off the ongoing subseries here on The Pint. From Kurt Russell's beard through thermite and beyond nasty tentacles, we deep dive into what makes...

Oct 3, 2018

Stand Up Comedian and good friend of the show Andrew Morgan stops by for a particularly tangential episode. Burt Reynolds passing is discussed along with She-Ra, Candyman, Unsolved Mysteries and more. We may never finish a thought but we sure get to the next one in a damn hurry, and have some laughs along the way. It's...

Sep 27, 2018

Part 2 of our coverage of CT HorrorFest, recorded live on September 15th!

This time we talk to

- An actor/producer who has a Shot for Shot remake of a classic horror film out now

- A podcaster who has sold 2 scripts to Hollywood that are being made soon

- A local actress/comedian

- A local businessman who is a...

Sep 17, 2018

What do these folks have in common?

- A CT Podcaster

- A CT artist

- One of the Six Pack

- A Multi Hyphenate actress

- A Stephen King superfan


They make up the 1st part of our 2 part coverage of CT HorrorFest, which we sponsored and recorded at! Listen In and come back next week for some more guests!