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The Pint: A Pop Culture Podcast

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John and Lloyd

Sep 22, 2023

Depptember heads to Davy Jones's Locker! 

See you on the high seas for this swashbuckling adventure

It's Your 309th Pint!!!

Sep 16, 2023

Lloyd and Stew travel to Midwest America to find out WHAT exactly is eating one Mr. Gilbert Grape.

Depptember rolls into week 2.

Sep 10, 2023


Depptember sounds better.

Let's dig into Johnny Depp in a rare normal dude role who has been put in a bad situation by a very bad man as played by Christopher Walken.

It's Nick Of Time on your 307th Pint!

Aug 31, 2023

The Manster and John get in the water with one vengeful whale.

Or dolphin maybe?

Watch what you say about this movie in the presence of Richard Harris' ghost, trust us.

It's Your 306th Pint!

Aug 26, 2023

We discuss Something To Fear, the arc of the Image Comics title The Walking Dead that introduces uber villain Negan to the story.

F bombs, baseball bats with names and weeping eyeballs, this one has it all

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